Thursday, June 02, 2005

Knowledge is Power- Hide it well

It's a quiet day in the office, and as Revelation 13 is good-to-go bar the shouting (viz, sorting out vehicle designs, building a decent equipment catalogue and detailing a few other background elements which affect the game-world), so I've fallen back on my time-passing staple: I'm researching random stuff on Wikipedia.

It amazes me just how much information there is on there, and I've taken to occasionally attempting to destruct-test it by putting in stuff I figure it wouldn't have. So far I've found detailed critiques of Invader Zim and the other related works of Jhonen Vasquez and Slave Labor Graphics. I've found the complete blow-by-blow history of the US space programme. I'm currently working my way through the list of experimental aircraft. This morning I was looking at late bronze-age cavalry and how the light spectrum breaks down outside the visible range, and the practical uses of Infra-red and Ultra-violet light.

I've thus come to the conclusion that Wikipedia- especially when combined with the other Wiki projects- now encompasses the sum total of human knowledge. It's become a hitch-hiker's guide to Earth. And I can't stop reading it.

That, of course, brings me to a revelation. Learning is an inherently good thing. Information and knowledge are, in my view, a new currency by which we pay our way in the world. Every day we learn something new, and we are improved for it. In this stagnant world, learning is the only evolution we're left with.

And so, a question: What have you learned today?

Song for the Day: Educated Fool by Iron Maiden.


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